Synbiont Agricultural Wash

Synbiont Ag Wash is an environmentally friendly, multipurpose cleaning product for large animals and their surroundings 

Ideal for cleaning areas that are prone to host pathogens, viruses, bacteria and fungi, Synbiont Ag Wash can be applied to the animal itself, facilities, stalls, kennels, bridles, bits, water buckets, feeders and places where animals frequent. 

It is the new, safe alternative to bleach and water.

Used by commercial facilities, veterinarians and professional trainers, Synbiont Ag Wash has become the preferred alternative to harmful chemicals for advancing biosecurity efforts against viruses such as EHV-1 and protecting the well-being of animals.

Synbiont Ag Wash is an affordable preventative measure to help keep your large animals and their surroundings safe and clean. Extremely economical, the wash has a recommended ratio of 1:50 (1 gallon of concentrate makes 50 gallons of multipurpose wash), allowing the product to be diluted at a very minimal cost and used in a variety of applications that include:  

  • Hard goods cleanerSynbiont Ag Wash

  • Cleaning feeding and living areas 

  • Stall cleaner 

  • Trailer cleaner 

  • Foot baths 

  • Premise wall cleaner


Active ingredients:  Patented blend of alkyl sulfonate and an alkyl sulfate 

Amounts available: 1 Gallon, 5 Gallons and 55 Gallons 


Synbiont Ag Wash is ideal for animal caretakers such as: 

  • Large animal owners 

  • Commercial animal facilities 

  • Dairies 

  • Veterinarians 

  • Petting zoos 

  • Expo / Agricultural centers 

  • Fairgrounds 

  • Animal farms 

  • Barns 

  • Traveling pet owners 

Features / Benefits 

  • Increases biosecurity efforts against viruses such as EHV-1, E. Coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Listeria and Canine parvovirus 

  • EPA approved / FDA certified anionic surfactants 

  • Biodegradable 

  • Non corrosive and non-toxic 

  • Works as a multipurpose cleaner 

  • Zero re-entry time 

  • It is safe to use on facilities and highly sensitive animals 

  • Spray and leave Synbiont Ag Wash in contact with surfaces for continued action 

  • One gallon of concentrate makes 50 gallons of wash 

  • Cleans on contact 

  • Stays active for 7-21 days 

  • Veterinarian approved 

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